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Hale Village  Community  Land  Trust Limited 

Hale Village Community Land Trust Limited ("the CLT") is a non profit making Community Benefit Society registered on 15th December 2017 with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 with Registration number 7682.   

We are a Community Land Trust set up to start to address in the Parish of Hale near Fordingbridge in Hampshire the widespread problem which affects many rural villages in the south of England caused by the enormous increase in the prices of homes in such villages.  These prices, either to buy or to rent, are now so high that they are out of reach of many local people who have no alternative but to move away from the area where they have been brought up and have lived all their lives.

The CLT has 89 members at the present time (8th November 2020).   The members are all either residents of the Parish of Hale or people who formerly lived in the Parish and/or have connections with the village. Seven of the members are the present directors of the CLT.   All the members are people who appreciate how lucky they are to live in a village like Hale on the edge of the New Forest.   A large number have lived in Hale for many years and have witnessed with sadness the inability of young people who were brought up in the village and many of whom attended Hale Primary School to stay in the village even when they are working locally.

The CLT is a member of the National CLT Network and has received grants from that organisation to cover the formation costs and the cost of Technical advice and also the cost of preparation of a Concept Plan to introduce the idea to local residents.

We have in mind the provision in Hale of only a few affordable houses spread around the village.   This will, in our opinion, make very little impact on the amenities in Hale and will have no detrimental effect at all on the conservation of our areas of special scientific importance.   On the other hand it will have the vital effect of enabling people who have lived here all their lives or who have connections with Hale to live here when they would otherwise be unable to do so.  

Any affordable houses provided by the CLT will remain as community properties in perpetuity under the rules of the CLT so that they could never be the subject of any right to buy or right to acquire in the way Council houses and Housing Association properties are.